Coordinators’ Role

You can download a copy of our Guide for Coordinators and Presenters by clicking here 

Course coordinators plan out all the sessions for the term, choose who the presenters will be for each session, and oversee the conduct of each session.

When a course has been approved and the coordinators have been lined up, it’s advisable to outline the material for the whole semester, naming a topic for each session and, if possible, the person who will present it.

Coordinators may wish to make the first presentation(s), to set the overall framework for the course. If other members are assigned future presentations, they should have adequate time to prepare. Coordinators may help by suggesting sources for the research of the chosen topic (books, articles, websites, etc.)

If a scheduled presenter is unable to appear, coordinators should have material in reserve that can be substituted. Only in extreme circumstances should a class session be canceled.

Note that different courses may require different approaches. In some cases, the assigned material is read at home and then discussed in class; in others, discussion follows a lecture on the topic. In still other classes, members bring in material for class discussion.

In all cases, however, the goal of QUEST is peer learning. We involve members in discussion by calling on anyone who wishes to speak. As many members as possible are encouraged to voice opinions and, if they wish, add information on the subject. Classroom etiquette requires that QUEST members respect points of view that differ from their own. A spirited back-and-forth discussion after a presentation is often the highlight of a session.


The Curriculum Committee can provide help in various ways: Committee members are always available to:

  • Lend a hand in defining and outlining a course.

  • Suggest possible additional coordinators, if needed.

  • Recommend likely sources of material.

  • Provide information on available equipment (microphones, audio-visual aids, slide and transparency projectors, etc.) and on obtaining photocopies of handouts for a class.

  • Describe how to be reimbursed for expenses incurred related to the course.

  • Handle special requests.

Curriculum Committee members are always available for advice. Contact the Chairperson who will designate a Committee member to help assist you in resolving the problem.





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