Technology Committee


The Technology Committee’s mission is to assist QUEST members with their technology needs, including their PowerPoint presentations. Committee members are available to help Quest members better use Internet resources, such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia, Google and Google Images. In addition, the Committee helps Quest members become more comfortable with the technical equipment (podiums) in each classroom.

Two members of the Technology Committee are “on duty” each morning and afternoon when classes are in session. These representatives, listed in the Next Week at Quest (NWAQ) emails to Quest membership, are available to assist presenters with that day’s technology needs. A guide for using Quest equipment is included in the Guide for Coordinators and Presenters, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Committee members are also available to assist presenters as they rehearse prior to their sessions and can, under certain circumstances, visit a Quest member’s home to help.

Lastly, The Committee serves as QUEST’s liaison to the Center for Worker Education’s technology staff.


Presenters’ Responsibilities


The following is how presenters can help the Technology Committee:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute if you are planning to use PowerPoint in your presentation and need help with that program.  Ask us at least two to four weeks in advance of your talk.
  • On the day of your presentation, please come in at least 30-45 minutes early to set up the podium and test any technical equipment and material you are using. Don’t forget to bring a flash drive containing your presentation.
  • Although we will help you prepare your presentation, it is up to you to run the presentation on the day of your class.
  • In order for you to be comfortable presenting, we expect you to do a run-through at least one day before your talk is scheduled (ideally in the room in which you are presenting). You should also rehearse at home. And it’s also a good idea to download your presentation a day or two early just in case your flash drive is lost or malfunctions on the day of your presentation. And as a final precaution, you can email your presentation to yourself and then retrieve it at Quest on the day of your presentation.
  • Video clips and DVDs can be an attractive addition to your presentation, but should not be overused.
  • Course coordinators should ensure their presenters are asking for tech help when they need it and that their technology needs are realistic.
  • Lastly, we have excellent audio-visual equipment in each of our classrooms. Please do not abuse the equipment. If you are unsure of how to close up the podium, make sure you contact a tech representative for help.


The Technology Committee is chaired by Wayne Cotter. Michael Wellner serves as Vice Chair. Other members are Steve Allen, Doreen De Martini, Marian Friedmann, David Judlowitz, Bob Reiss, Howard Salik, and Art Spar. Caroline Thompson is an adjunct member.



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