Technology Committee

The Technology Committee’s mission is to assist  QUEST’s members with their presentations, and in their communications with other members, by taking advantage of the computer, internet, and audio/visual (A/V) resources that are available to them. The Technology Committee also serves as QUEST’s liaison to the Center for Worker Education’s technology staff..

One member of the Technology Committee is “on duty” each day in which classes are in session, to assist each presenter with any issue they encounter in the use of the “intelligent” lectern equipment that is located in each of the classrooms (a guide for using this equipment is included in the Guide for Coordinators and Presenters, which can be accessed by clicking here). And the Committee is also available to assist presenters as they rehearse their presentations before they are actually delivered in class..

Some of the initiatives of the Technology Committee include:

  • Teaching QUEST members how to  improve their computer skills, with tutorials on topics such as Basic Operating Systems and File Organization, Microsoft Office components Word, Excel, and PowerPoint , and Internet web browsers and computer programs, such as PowerPoint, in making presentations.

  • Helping members better utilize internet resources such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia, and Google.

  • Maintaining a QUEST blog that members can use for sharing documents and thoughts with other members of the QUEST community.

All of us on the Tech Committee are striving to help make your presentations go as smoothly as possible, especially in those instances where you will be using the podiums in the classrooms.   We can assist you with PowerPoint, but we need your cooperation.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute if you are planning to use PowerPoint in your presentation, and need help with that program.  Ask us at least two to four weeks in advance of your talk.

  • On the day of your presentation, please come in at least one half hour early to set up the podium and ready any technical equipment and material you might be using.

  • Although we want to (and will) help in any way that we can, please keep in mind that we cannot stay in the room and do the presentation for you.

  • In order for you to be comfortable presenting, we expect you to do a run-through at least one day before your talk is scheduled.

  • Please be discerning in your use of video clips; use them sparingly and never use them to “fill up” class time.

  • If you are a course coordinator, we suggest you speak in advance to your presenters about not being overly ambitious with their technical needs.

The Technology Committee is chaired by Wayne Cotter. Michael Wellner serves as Vice Chair. Other members are Steve Allen, Doreen De Martini, Marian Friedmann, David Judlowitz, Bob Reiss, Howard Salik, and Art Spar. Caroline Thompson is an adjunct member of the committee.


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