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Each fall and spring term at Quest consists of fourteen weeks Each term is broken down into two blocks of courses, the “A week” courses and the “B week” courses.  Approximately 20 courses are held during the A week and 20 completely different courses are scheduled for the B week so that each course is held every other week.

Courses meet on four days each week: — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Within each week, there are two time slots per day for courses, 10:30-12:00 and 1:00-2:30.  Each time slot will have either two or three courses to choose from.


Click here for this week’s schedule

Click here for the calendar for the Fall 2017 term, showing which are the A weeks and which are the B weeks and showing holidays.

Click here for the Fall 2017 day-to-day schedule of A week and B week courses.


Click here for a preliminary detailed schedule of those presentations we currently know about



These links will take you to a schedule of Holidays and School Closings and Special Events.

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