Because QUEST is a cooperative organization, it is expected that members will contribute to the governance of QUEST.

The governing and policy making body of QUEST is a Council, elected by the membership. In addition, much of QUEST’s business is conducted by committees. All of the officers of QUEST and the other Council members and all of the committee members are drawn from the QUEST membership.

To assure wider participation in governance, all Council members, including officers, can be elected for a maximum of two two-year terms and all committee chairs are limited to a maximum term of four consecutive years.

The full QUEST membership participates in the organization’s governance through semi-annual general membership meetings, voting on resolutions and by-law changes, as well as the election of Council members.

Full details of election procedures can be found in the QUEST by-laws.

These links will take you to a more complete description of the duties and procedures of the QUEST Council and Officers and the principal QUEST committees: membership, curriculumtechnology, and scheduling.

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