Membership Committee

If you are a member of QUEST, it’s almost certain that your first contact with us resulted in a return phone call to you by one of the members of our Membership Committee. If you, or someone you know, is a retired or semi-retired man or woman, not currently enrolled but who wishes to investigate why people join, any one of our Committee members will gladly arrange a convenient day to visit. Click here for more information.

A visitor should be prepared: his/her day will be an exciting experience and include an interview, a tour of our facilities, and an invitation to sit in on two course presentations — the first in the morning and the second in the afternoon session. Our guest will see first-hand that the uniqueness of QUEST is that it is both a social and intellectual experience.

The co-chairs of the Membership Committee are Roy Clary and Bobbie Gold. Other members of the Committee are Paul Adler,Dolores Dolan, Howard Einbinder, Phyllis Grossman, Jennifer Jolly, Penelope Pi-Sunyer, Steve Rubin, and Vivian Oliver.

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