Membership Committee

If you are a member of QUEST, it’s almost certain that your first contact with us resulted in a return phone call to you by one of the members of our Membership Committee. If you, or someone you know, is a retired or semi-retired man or woman, not currently enrolled but who wishes to investigate why people join, any one of our Committee members will gladly arrange a convenient day to visit. Click here for more information.

A visitor should be prepared: his/her day will be an exciting experience and include an interview, a tour of our facilities, and an invitation to sit in on two course presentations — the first in the morning and the second in the afternoon session. Our guest will see first-hand that the uniqueness of QUEST is that it is both a social and intellectual experience.

The chair of the Membership Committee is Roy Clary. Other members of the Committee are Dolores Dolan, Howard Einbinder, Phyllis Grossman, Jennifer Jolly, Yona Rogosin, Steve Rubin, Vivian Oliver, and Michael Wellner.

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